Video of Lost Dog Reunited With Her Dad Has The Internet Sobbing

Oh, be still my heart. I love these types of happy ending videos that make you sob uncontrollably. It’s such a joy seeing how dogs get so excited whenever they see a familiar face. There is just something about fur babies and parents that just work. Which is why I decided to show you all this little precious and touching moment. Because well, there is really nothing more distressing than someone loosing their furry friend who has been lost for a long time.

This dynamic duo is from Frisco, Texas, and is now breaking the internet due to their adorable reunion. On July 4th, Dora had jumped the fence in her back yard after being heavily scared by the fireworks. Her family quickly went into panic mode and desperately searched for the pooch, who left absolutely no trace behind. As the weeks passed, the family’s heartbreak became bigger thinking that it was less likely that Dora would be found.

But Dora’s family didn’t give up despite the time. So, seven months later, Collin County Animal Services in Mckinney, Texas, found a German Shepherd alone, and scanned her using her microchip and realized that the pup had owners. This shocked veterinarians since Dora was over 10 miles away from her home. So, the animal shelter called Dora’s family to let them know they had found their sweet girl.

So, her Dad hauled over to the center and anxiously waited for the lost dog to be brought to him. In the video, you can see the dad standing by the door, nervous, afraid to see his furry friend. In comes Dora walking down the hallway, with her head to the ground afraid of the outcome. That’s when the duo finally reunites and she slowly walks up to her dad, trying to get a familiar scent.

As her dad is giving her all of the snuggles and pets, you can slowly start to see how Dora gets comfortable, realizing that she was finally reunited with her dad. The duo then finally walks through the doors and Dora is seen excitingly wagging her tell, probably knowing that she was on her way to see her other best friends. Ugh, as I said, it’s an incredibly heartwarming moment.

If you didn’t cry while watching this you are definitely heartless! According to the Collin County Animal Services, nearly 5 to 7 million lost animals enter their shelters each year, and only 15 to 20 percent of stray dogs are ever found by their owners So, safe to say that Dora was one of those lucky puppers. Dora’s microchip definitely helped her find her family.