Two Cheetah Cubs Born By IVF for the First time in History.

The Two newborn Cheetah Cubs are so adorable, but it was not an easy ride. In an operation to save big cats, the cubs was born as an groundbreaking scientific breakthrough. For the first time ever, an IVF attempt on large cats, including cheetahs and lions has succeeded.

We still don’t know their name, but they are truly adorable. And most important, this gives hope for the future for both Cheetahs and other big cats.

Cuteness overload. Photo by Grahm S. Jones / Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The birth of the Cheetahs has taken years of planning, but on February 19th it finally happened at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. They were delivered by an older cheetah named Isabelle, but has an biological mother named Kibibi.

“These two cubs may be tiny, but they represent a huge accomplishment, with expert biologists and zoologists working together to create this scientific marvel,” said Dr. Randy Junge, the Columbus Zoo’s Vice President of Animal Health. “This achievement expands scientific knowledge of cheetah reproduction, and may become an important part of the species’ population management in the future.”

Check out the Video from NBS NEWS: