The best and worst moments from the 2022 SAG Awards

Every awards show comes with its highs and lows. Sometimes your favorites win, sometimes they don’t. But results aside, awards shows are always filled with moments that get people talking, and the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards were no different, offering up a handful of moments we’ll remember for reasons both good and bad.

From Michael Keaton’s epic entrance — he was in the restroom! — to Helen Mirren’s speech (and every boring reunion in between), we’ve rounded up the 10 moments from the SAG Awards that we’ll still be talking about tomorrow (and the next day).

Best: Cousin Greg opens the show
When you know you’re going to kick off the show with the traditional “I’m an actor” speeches, there’s really only one choice: You start with Cousin Greg. Nicholas Braun channeled his doofy Succession character — as an annoyed Kieran Culkin channeled his — and gave a charmingly funny speech about getting his SAG card as a kid and drinking a ridiculous amount of soda on set. Leave it to Cousin Greg to set the perfect tone for the evening. —Samantha Highfill

Worst: The lack of an opening number
Perhaps it’s not fair, but when you announce that the SAG Awards are going to open with a Hamilton reunion and Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., and Daveed Diggs will be taking the stage together… you get people’s hopes up! And as charming as those three were during their opening speech, it was undeniably a bummer not to watch them perform any type of number. Their suits looked great, but we were hoping for just a bit more excitement. —S.H.

Best: Troy Kotsur makes history
CODA’s Troy Kotsur became the first-ever deaf actor to win an individual SAG Award, picking up the trophy for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role. In a touching acceptance speech, he thanked his CODA costars and recounted how he’s been a SAG member for more than two decades, joining the union back when “I used to sleep in my car.” Consider this the warm-up speech for when he potentially wins the Oscar next month! —Devan Coggan

Best: Translators win MVP
Between all of wins for Squid Games and CODA, Sunday ended up being a big night for translators. And you know what? They killed it! It’s stressful enough to take the stage as the star of a project, but to have to stand by their side and perfectly relay their message? Talk about pressure. If we were to designate any MVPs for the night, it would be each and every translator who got up there and nailed it. —S.H.