Supercar driver smashes flashy pink motor to pieces in 20mph zone

The driver of the flashy luxury motor had a nightmare after it was left smashed to pieces on the side of a posh central London street. One person tweeted in jest: “All the gear, no idea”

A dopey supercar driver had a stinker after smashing their flashy pink motor.

The McLaren 520 was left a mangled wreck after the crash in a central London street.

The motorist behind the wheel of the £150,000 car – with a top speed of 203mph – lost control.

It’s understood it happened in a 20mph limit zone in Montagu Mansions, Marylebone.

The McLaren has a 0-60mph of less than three seconds.

The flashy set of wheels was left smashed to pieces in the “posh” part of the capital.

Snaps were posted on social media showing DeLorean-like door swung up with emergency incident tape wrapped around it.

And the front of the supercar is covered in dents with a missing bumper.

The alloy of the car has come flying off and hot-pink wreckage is scattered over the road.

Simon Tuhill – London Fire Brigade Borough Commander for Camden – said: “We go to many incidents involving crashed vehicles.

“But not that many where one of those vehicles is a McLaren 520 supercar.

“Crews from Euston attended this RTC on Montagu Mansions, Marylebone last week to make the scene safe after a driver lost control.”

Andy McKay added: “Amazing how you lose control at 20mph.

“Allowing those cars but not the private ownership of e-scooters on the road is also an odd one.”

Another – called Ryan – added: “Am I a bad person for having a guilty pleasure is seeing cars worth more than my house being totalled.”

Social media users were quick to rub salt in the wounds of the driver – with one person joking “all the gear, no idea”.

Kay Ballard said: “How you lose control in London I will never know.”