Of Course Dan Snyder is Out of the Country as Talks Heat up to Change Redskins’ Name

At long last, the Washington Redskins might finally be forced to change their racist name after stadium sponsor FedEx coerced them into conducting a formal review. This obviously comes in light of the united movement to weed out racism in America, so franchise owner Dan Snyder, who has been adamant about refusing a rebrand in the past, has nowhere left to hide.

Or does he? According to ProFootballTalk, these heated discussions have prompted Snyder to leave the country.

The report claims that Snyder hasn’t been in the states for most of the last three months. His vacation, for lack of a better term, has included a trip to the Bahamas and most recently Europe, where he’s been spending his time amid the call for the Redskins to change their name.

Since the timing checks out, this means that Snyder also wasn’t around for the removal of the George Preston Marshall statue outside of RFK Stadium a few weeks back. Of course, Marshall founded the franchise and was instrumental in forming the ban on NFL teams signing black players until 1949. For those curious, Snyder had previously led the campaign to keep Marshall’s name linked with the organization, which is downright repulsive when you consider his racist background. He should be removed from the Pro Football Hall of Fame altogether, let alone have his ties to the Redskins eradicated.

The fact that Snyder is lily-livered to the point where he’s refusing to face this turmoil head on should serve as the final tally on the laundry list of examples that prove his outdated reign as owner should end. If the Redskins do, in fact, change their name, the 55-year-old should go down in flames as well.