Dog can’t walk, and the bird can’t fly. They both was disabled and alone, but then they found each other. A chihuahua and a pigeon.

This rare and beautiful friendship found place thanks to the a rescue organization in New York called The Mia Foundation. The disabled bird and dog found each other and became BFF’s.

Someone found a hurt bird in a parking lot and the rescuers brought him to the shelter. The bird was a pigeon, couldn’t fly and was called Herman.

The dogs name is Lundy, and he is the cutest chihuahua. The animal shelter took him in, because he had “swimmers syndrome”. It is a syndrome that makes it difficult to use the back legs. On the other hand, with proper training, he can be better with time.

For no special reason, Lundy and Herman was randomly placed side by side one day. Both turned, they saw each other and just began to cuddle. No biting – just cuddling. Since that day, they have been snuggling. Meant to be, is the word for this couple.

When the Mia Foundation shared pictures of them on the Facebook page, the world FELL IN LOVE with Herman and Lundy. The response was huge.

On the The Mia Foundation page we can read: “WOW! I never imagined the pictures of Lundy and Herman would touch so many people! Almost 5 million people in a little over 24 hours!! Their little story is being shared all over the world!”

Because we know you want to see them: we borrowed some of the pictures for you to enjoy. Check them out and fall in love: