49ers Troll Saints in PSA on Twitter Encouraging Fans to Wear a Mask

The San Francisco 49ers want every single one of their fans to wear a mask until the coronavirus pandemic subsides, and they’re willing to troll opposing fans into oblivion if they refuse to mask up.

The 49ers showed everyone how to “grab a face mask,” posting a highlight of New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams grabbing George Kittle’s face mask during San Francisco’s 48-46 barnburner of a win in New Orleans last season.

Even with season is a few months away, New Orleans can help but catch a few strays on Twitter from the always antagonistic 49ers Twitter account.

Saints fans took their own opportunity to get in a few digs on the 49ers in response to this tweet, once again citing their poor defense in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIV as a perfect example of social distancing.

The 49ers take on New Orleans once again on Nov. 15. In a potential NFC Championship preview, you can bet emotions will be running hard considering how these two have traded barbs on social media.